Destructuring.net belongs to Jonathan Vanasco.

Hi, my name is Jonathan. I live in Brooklyn and do things with computers, words, ideas, and (when I’m lucky…) raw materials. I’m an entrepreneur in the digital space: I created some of the earliest technologies in Social Network portability and syndication, authored multiple patent filings, worked on some online music publishing stuff, consulted on digital and social media strategy for top record labels, political organizations, brands and agencies, etc etc etc.

I work with a handful of NYC startups as an advisor or consultant; I also worth with large corporations too.

  • My new company Aptise is building the next generation platform for content publishing and discovery
  • I’ve advised a lot of Major Publishers and high-profile blogs on Technology and Revenue.
  • I was an early advisor to Adcade, who raised millions of dollars and delivered the best interactive advertising platform anyone has ever seen.
  • I led the Technology and Product operations at The Daily Beast (IAC) and did a lot of paperwork, vendor negotiations and strategy during the Newsweek merger and Andrew Sullivan acquisitions. A huge chunk of that was as the “CTO & Director of Product @ TheDailyBeast”, and then I focused on Product and GM-ish work exclusively for the newly formed Newsweek/DailyBeast company.
  • I was advisor to Event Tech Labs, and ran their Product & Engineering for a bit too too. EventTechLabs provided RFID based access control and customer loyalty solutions through a “ConcertPass” brand.
  • I was the CTO of ArtWeLove.com. Originally we started as an publisher / social media tool for the Fine Arts community, but pivoted to eCommerce offering exclusive prints from the top emerging artists. We enabled the general public to become collectors of significant contemporary artists for a very low investment.
  • I founded FindMeOn.com, which created the earliest technology for unifying social media profiles and relationships.
  • I worked on the earliest commercial RFID products and have been working on the Internet since web 1.0

I am an active contributor to numerous open source projects, mostly around Python for the past few years.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathanvanasco
Twitter: https://twitter.com/2xlp



  • US 8,688,710 A content management system that generates authenticated information for the public from the workflow of interconnected parties. e.g. Musicians and Record-labels use a basecamp/slack like tool to coordinate with one another; that generates authenticated information for distribution to social networks and websites.


  • 20100274815 (since Jan 30 2007) Public data is used to generate a social graph of interconnected personas. An aggregated ‘meta-identity’ is used to optimize the inter-relations and intra-relations of each identity, allowing for significantly faster graph operations and deeper insight into the underlying entity. The invention predates similar accomplishments by Google, Facebook and Microsoft researches by several years and serves as a USPTO prior art citation in over 250 patent applications (such as 20 Microsoft, 18 IBM, 16 google, 16 facebook, 15 zynga, 14 cisco, 11 salesforce, 8 novell, 5 oracle )


I graduated from Pomona College ( possibly the happiest and smartest place around, as college guides and rankings agree) in 2000 with a Double Major in Political Science and Media Studies. Most of my academic work was on the intersection of Politics and Media, specifically Electoral Politics and the use of media as advertising to sell political candidates, policies, and cultural change.

I nearly majored in Studio Art, and was fortunate enough to spend a semester on the East African Coast where I studied Urban (Street) Art Forms & Methods. I spent far too much time in Mombasa with the greatest artists you’ll never hear of, played nonstop cards and football on Lamu Island, and swam with Dolphins off Zanzibar. I even worked as a tout on a matatu for a day. I once thought about going to Law School, but would lean towards an MFA or an MBA if I ever returned to academia.

Why ‘Destructuring’?

I thought Destructuring was another one of those words that some postmodern author imagined. Looking for a domain name… on a whim, I opened some Derrida or Foucault book, flipped to a random page, and chose the least-likely-to-not-be-a-real-word word to where my finger landed. I was pretty sure destructuring wasn’t real. I was half-right. There is no real word ‘destructuring’, however it does exist as Computer Science term which is popular in the Lisp community (and has growing in JS). However… the CompSci definition had little to do with the manner in which the PostModern author used it, so they’re still wrong. I’m just less right. And I’m okay with that.