2018 US Olympic Medals, Adjusted

Last updated: 2018-02-21. The score is 10 to 6

Americans have become increasingly more racist and intolerant of their fellow citizens in the past few years. Rhetoric and policies by Donald Trump, Mike Pence and various leaders of the Republic Party have sought to treat people who are not Straight, White and Christian as second class citizens.

This page will be updated throughout the olympics to track separate US Olympic Medal counts for “Straight White Christian America” and citizens who are routinely persecuted for their ethnicity, religion or sexuality.

Medal Counts may be adjusted as more background information on athletes becomes available.

Team “Straight White Christian America”

Total: 10


event category athlete
Slopestyle Snowboarding Mens Redmond Gerard
Slopestyle Snowboarding Women’s Jamie Anderson
Halfpipe Snowboarding Men’s Shaun White
Alpine Skiing: Giant Slalom Women’s Mikaela Shiffrin
Cross Country Women’s Kikkan Randall, Jessie Diggins


event category athlete
Singles Luge Men’s Chris Mazdzer
Freestyle Skiing: Slopestyle Men’s Nick Goepper
Short Track: 1000m Men’s John-Henry Krueger


event category athlete
Alpine Skiing: Downhill Women’s Lindsey Vonn
Freestyle Skiing: Halfpipe Women’s Brita Sigourney

Team “Routinely Persecuted America”

Total: 6


event category athlete
Halfpipe Snowboarding Women’s Chloe Kim*,$


event category athlete
Bobsled Women’s Lauren Gibbs*, Elana Meyers Taylor


event category athlete
Halfpipe Snowboarding Women’s Arielle Gold&
Figure Skating Team Nathan Chen*,$, Alexa Scimeca Knierim, Chris Knierim, Mirai Nagasu*,$;, Adam Rippon, Alex Shibutani*, Maia Shibutani*, Bradie Tennell
Figure Skating: Ice Dance Team Alex Shibutani*, Maia Shibutani*
Speed Skating: Team Pursuit Women’s Heather Bergma, Brittany Bowe, Mia Manganello, Carlijn Schoutens$$

Global Standings


A unified Team America is in 5th place overall with 16 medals:

Rank Country All Medals
1 Norway 33
2 Germany 24
3 Canada 21
4 Netherlands 16
4 USA 16
6 France 14
7 Russia 13
8 Japan 11
9 Austria 10
10 South Korea 9
10 Italy 9
12 Sweden 8
12 Switzerland 8
14 China 7
15 Czech Republic 6

If the teams were split, Team “Straight White Christian America” drops down to the shared 9th place bracket and Team “Routinely Persecuted America” drops to the 15th bracket.

The disqualifiers


mark disqualifier
* not white
$ immigrant
$$ child of immigrant(s)
& not christian


  • Adam Rippon – LGBTQ icon
  • Alex Shibutani – Asian, parents of Chinese descent
  • Arielle Gold – Jewish
  • Chloe Kim – Asian, parents immigrated from South Korea
  • Maia Shibutani – Asian, parents of Chinese descent
  • Mirai Nagasu – Asian, parents are Japanese citizens
  • Nathan Chen – Asian, parents immigrated from China
  • Carlijn Schoutens – Born in NJ to Dutch parents, raised in the Netherlands, moved back to USA to compete

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