A few dumb email marketing tips and tricks

A few months ago I got an email from my friend’s startup. It looked something like this:

1-apptentive preview

I immediately saw a problem – the text to the right of the Subject line was the standard “crap” text that people dismiss. He wasn’t optimizing the email for increased open rates.

When I was at TDB, the legacy email systems had the same issues. When I upgraded vendors, I also had the templates updated to allow for a smarter email marketing strategy.

Instead of using the “If you can’t see this email” message at the top, we changed the text to sell in some of the other stories. Below you can see the difference during the changeover. The difference in value proposition to users for an open is quite clear — and the updated format was very compelling.

2-DailyBeast Previews

How to accomplish this? You just need to understand that most email programs ( Gmail , Apple’s Iphone/Mac Mail, etc) will pull the first few lines of text as a preview. You want to control that and use it.

Originally it looked like this:

3-Header - original

An influential person in the company didn’t like that text, so it had to be removed.

No worries, the fix was simple, I just had everything wrapped in a custom style to make it essentially hidden:

Hidden Text Here

The open rates, which were already pretty high, increased noticeably. Several readers consciously noticed the format change, and wrote in with gratitude — it helped them not miss stories that mattered.

As a side note, the “nav bar” at the top of the email [Home…Books] disappeared in the second image because an influential person required that to be killed too. I strongly disagreed with that decision – it was a great source of click-throughs and a “best practice” taught to me by multiple of the top email marketers in the industry ( and backed up with analytics + constantly reiterated each time ). The click through rate dipped because of those links leaving ( people did not click elsewhere ), but the overall numbers increased from the open-rate improvements to offset it.

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