If NewsCorp really were to recuse itself from Search Engines…

I see a week playing out like this:

NewsCorp Publisher sites block search engines. Their traffic plummets.

Search Engines drop MySpace, IGN, Beliefnet… because they can and need to humble NewsCorp. Their traffic plummets too.

Analysts give bleak outlook for NewsCorp strategy, scream outrage, lower rating of stock.

Rumors circulate that Rupert Murdoch is begging to get re-indexed. His peons start making phone calls.

No one can be bothered to answer the phone or email. Seeing as its Friday, everyone decides to just make NewsCorp sweat it out. The web properties are officially operating at a loss, Advertisers are not happy, and the traffic is jeopardizing Advertiser and Ad network relations.

People are damn glad its not a trading day.

On the 7th day, he rested. He was not an employee of NewsCorp, who are going batshit crazy trying to up their traffic.

News Corp gets reindexed. But not until a few hours /after/ the start of trading… because that’s what people like to do.

It turns out that Murdoch bought most of the devalued NewsCorp stock the previous day, upping his ownership to 50+%. Analysts raise the rating back to previous levels, and the value rises.

And perhaps…
Police find the mangled carcass of a newborn baby in a dumpster close to the NewsCorp offices. It’s heart has been clawed and chewed out, and it looks as if someone had been drinking tears straight from its eyes.

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