Dear Hulu, I told you so.

Dear Hulu,

I told you so.

A few weeks ago you blocked Boxee.

I said in my article [Hulu’s dumbest move: blocking Boxee](

> See, internet people are smart and savvy. It won’t be long until someone makes a plugin / patch / version of Boxee that identifies itself as Safari or Internet Explorer or something else — re-enabling the ability for users everywhere to revel in streaming video.

Guess what. They did. And it wasn’t even hard.

Boxee now shows Hulu content through Hulu’s own RSS feeds.

So take this warning…

If you’re lucky, and they’re still identifying themselves as Boxee devices — don’t block them. Embrace them.

Don’t follow the advice of your content producers — educate them. Help them understand new media.

Tell them:

> Someone is sitting back on a couch. there are probably multiple people watching. this is probably on a big screen. we can charge 5x the CPM for this display.

And have a business that works not only for you, but your consumers and corporate partners alike.

You’ve been given a second chance — don’t miss it.

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