Congrats to the folks who guessed the FoxNews twitter password

If you haven’t seen it already, do a websearch…

earlier today the FoxNews twitter feed had this gem:

> Breaking: Bill O Riley is gay

The second I heard it , I was suspect… if FoxNews were in any way involved with this story, they’d be burying it, not breaking it.

But folks who guessed the Twitter password (btw: I’d love to know how they did it) made 2 giveaway mistakes

1. They misspelled “O’Reilly” as “O Riley”. Really. That was just sad.
2. They sent the update from the twitter website; every other FoxNews tweet was sent via the Perl Net::Twitter library. my guess is that its just a cronjob on their server that parses and pushes their RSS feed, or a hook into their publishing system that pushes to twitter on publish.

It would have been nicer if the password guessers had a bit more style.

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